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Alpe Adria Zadar 2019 is online!

published: 02.06.2019


24th Junior Team Cup 2019 is online!

published: 10.05.2019

Sportfotos-Berlin needs support!

published: 13.04.2018

16.000 photos of Austrian Future Cup online

published: 15.03.2018

Latest Updates

Alpe Adria Cup 2019

at 02.-05.05.2018


Junior-Team-Cup 2019

at 05.-06.04.2019


Austrian Future-Cup 2018

at 23.-24.11.2018


Roma Junior Diving Cup 2018

at 29.07.-04.08.2018


ZAG-Cup Hannover 2018

at 15.12.2018

 in process in process  partially online partially online
 online online

Welcome at Sportfotos-Berlin

Since 2007 Sportfotos-Berlin has been a competent, qualified and reliable partner in photography. We offer our services to clubs and associations with a guarantee of high standard and quality. We are specialized in documentation and photography of sport events, especially in competetive and youth competetive sports - national and international as well. Our own requirements are to provide high quality images, even under problematic lighting conditions. Our services are especially created for participants at sport events and/or in Youth Sports to offer professional images to parents, clubs, associations and organizers. We are also able to offer photos promptly to newspapers and other media, magazines etc., if necessary even during a running competition.

If you are interested in our services or if you want to book us, please leave us a message via our contact form. In important cases you also can find our phone and fax number at the imprint-page.

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