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Trofeo Niccolo Campo 2017
Trofeo Niccolo Campo 2017Rome, 21st of July, 2017
Summer in Rome, more than 30 °C every day. Time for the annual Trofeo Niccolo Campo, which is a professional organized sports event in Diving Sports for the Age Classes C (12/13 and younger), B (14/15) and A (16 to 18). The family Marconi and all their supporters and helpers do a great job organizing this wonderful event. As every year, the competitors start from Springboard 1 and 3 Meters as well as from the Platform, which leads to 18 competitions in 3 days including a victory ceremony with medals, certificates and presents after each event.

Like on many other events we were taking pictures of all competitions and tried to capture what happened all around the event. All photos are sorted by Age Classes and within the galleries all photos are sorted by athletes to make it easier to find your photos.
As usual, it is possible to order photo sets of individual athletes, too.