Photo-Set Sofia Diving Cup 2017


  • Event:  Photo-Set Sofia Diving Cup 2017
  • Beschreibung: 
    Each photo set includes the photos of ONE participant during the whole competition.
    The set contains all photos of the athlete:
    * during Training
    * during Competition
    * from the Victory Ceremonies>br /> * all "general" photos showing the athlete
    * Teamphotos (if available)

    Format of the photos:
    * JPG

    Available Resolutions:
    * Standard: 1500 x 1000 Pixel (300 DPI)
    * XL: 2400 x 1600 Pixel (300 DPI)

    * Private Use only!
    * Publishing of photos on private pages only permitted after authorization.
    * No Editorial Use.
    * No Commercial Use.

    For Editorial Licences see our prices under the single images in our galleries!

    * Each set includes the photos of ONE participant!
    * Depending on the amount of photos, a ZIP file can grow up to more than 100 megabytes!
    * A photo set contains the photos of one competition. It does not include the photos of the same person we may have photographed earlier or later on other competitions.
    * Please download your photo set within 30 days!
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