Individual Photosets ZAG-Cup 2018


  • Event:  Individual Photosets ZAG-Cup 2018
  • Beschreibung: 
    Each photo set includes the photos of ONE participant during the whole competition.
    The set contains all photos of the athlete:
    * during Training
    * during Competition
    * from the Victory Ceremonies
    * all "general" photos showing the athlete
    * Teamphotos (if available)

    Format of the photos:
    * JPG

    Available Resolutions:
    * Standard: 1500 x 1000 Pixel (300 DPI)
    * XL: 2400 x 1600 Pixel (300 DPI)

    * Private Use only!
    * Publishing of photos on private pages only permitted after authorization.
    * No Editorial Use.
    * No Commercial Use.

    For Editorial Licences see our prices under the single images in our galleries!

    * Each set includes the photos of ONE participant!
    * Depending on the amount of photos, a ZIP file can grow up to more than 100 megabytes!
    * A photo set contains the photos of one competition of the individual athlete. It does not include the photos of the same person we may have photographed earlier or later on other competitions.
    * Please download your photo set within 30 days!
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